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When stuck, call in a pro

A painted runner. This was the vision, inspired by a former client’s staircase, with bold colors, crisp lines, and high gloss. BUT having a vision ≠ having the right skill set. So, after more than a year of pondering, paint sampling, and “roughing it in”, I finally called a pro.

Or, more accurately, I read an email from a friend reaching out to recommend a former colleague who had just “hung out her shingle” as a carpenter and painter. (This kind of friendly community networking is something I love about Germantown.) BINGO! Yes, please.

At our first meeting, Katherine Moore immediately grasped what needed to be done and how to do it (or, if she didn’t, she knew how to figure it out, which is even better). She submitted an imminently reasonable estimate that made me wonder why I’d wasted a year thinking this was anything I could or should do myself.

About a week later, her work resulted in the image above.

Katherine’s feat is even more impressive in light of what to the stairs looked like when we started the project:

And here are some notes from Katherine on her process:

First, sweep stairs and baseboards. (I love neatniks!)

This staircase thrills me to no end. I keep an image of it near my desk as a useful reminder to

1) know when to ask for help,

2) understand the value of another person’s experience and skills, and

3) get excited about each new “shingle” hung out by a talented, enterprising person.

I realize that by singing Katherine’s praises, I may foil my chances of ever hiring her again – her reputation and workload are both speedily on the rise. If her future projects bring half as much joy as this painted runner, the world will be a better place.