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Do you have a property that’s worth preserving? Let us put our decades of experience to work for you. Worth Preserving partners with owners of historic properties in three fundamental ways: 

1. Site Consultation – for owners who know their old home is special and need expert insight to identify significant features and lay the groundwork for improvements that preserve and enhance the home’s historic character  

The deliverables for this service include an intensive two-hour site visit and discussion with the homeowners, followed up with a comprehensive written report, full visual inventory of character-defining features and tailored advice on appropriate rehabilitation strategies. 

Within 10 days of the site visit, homeowners gain tremendous clarity on preservation principles that will guide all of their projects to come. Investment in this service starts at $5,000 (or $1,500 for a two-hour walk-and-talk with no follow-up written report), a pound-wise way to circumvent expensive and irreversible mistakes down the road

2. Rehabilitation Playbook – for owners who have completed Step 1 (above) and want specific recommendations to develop a scope of work, explore preliminary costs and eligibility for historic tax credits, test ideas for possible phasing, scout potential team members (design professionals, contractors, etc.) and verify permitting requirements

The deliverables for this service include an expanded written report, with sketches and visual inspiration, that addresses project scope, budget, phasing and team, plus an additional site visit with the homeowners to discuss priorities and gather information for estimates.

At the conclusion of this service, homeowners have a document that serves as an essential checklist for DIY, general contractor or self-managed projects. Investment in this service starts at an additional $3,500

3. Full-Service Historic Rehabilitation Project Planning & Management – for owners who have completed Step 1 (above) and are ready to invest in a comprehensive whole-house historic rehabilitation project, with Kate providing leadership to create the strategy, develop the budget, build the professional team, guide design, navigate permits and historic tax credits, and provide essential project support throughout construction

The deliverables for this service are extensive. Homeowners can anticipate a four-month research, strategy and design process resulting in a shovel-ready project, followed by tightly managed construction phases. Investment and timeline for the completed project depends entirely on scope. Kate will be there to advise, problem-solve and advocate for homeowners each step of the way.

“I couldn’t do this project without Kate.  The team she’s built is incredible. Kate is so patient and considerate in how we deal with the different agencies involved and everyone who has to come together for a project like this.” ~ Stephanie S.



For Design & Trades Professionals

Worth Preserving thrives working on teams including architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors and other professionals from the very start of a project all the way through to its completion. We are here to help you and your clients:

– Identify character-defining features that should be preserved

– Assess existing conditions and issues 

– Develop a custom historic rehabilitation strategy 

– Connect with specialized trades 

– Select appropriate fixtures and materials 

– Draft applications for historic tax credits 

– Navigate permits and approvals 

– Manage constructions, deconstruction and salvage projects


There is no historic preservation project I have worked on that would not have benefitted from Kate’s involvement.  Her enthusiasm for protecting each historic resource, attention to detail and schedule, and ease of engagement with the range of individuals and entities required for the success of any project—from jurisdictional boards and staff to design professionals and contractors— are attributes that can only improve the quality and viability of even the most challenging projects.” ~ Marilyn Kaplan, RA, FAPT, founder of Preservation Architecture



Named “Best Preservationist” by Hudson Valley Magazine




For Rent: Take Your Place in History

Come experience two of Worth Preserving’s whole-house rehabilitation projects. Fully furnished and equipped. Please inquire for pricing and availability.

5-bedroom, 4-bath house in Germantown

2-bedroom, 2-bath house in Germantown