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Desiree Lawlor from Hart Water Conditioning is the kind of great that words can't adequately describe. You have to experience her for yourself. So I finally made the video I've been wanting to make for a long time. Just two

I love summer. The smell of tomato plants, waking up to daylight and going to bed with the sky not quite deepest black, moving from inside to outside without bundling up or shrinking against the cold. My shoulders can finally collapse away from

In the category of silver linings, 2020 is going to be an epic garden year. The greens are getting almost as much love and hand (er, leaf) holding as our 2nd-grade remote learner. Salad days are on their way

Germantown has so many wonderful things going for it (see our Connect page, for starters). Ah, but underneath! No, not some seedy cultural underbelly or local haunting. But something formed deep (alas not deep enough) in the earth, eons